My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive. He is alive in her stomach now. Should she vomit him?

Answer Take my advice, beware of your girlfriend.

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How to Be Like Bruce Lee?

In my personal opinion, Bruce Lee was one of the greatest souls that ever lived on this planet. There are few who do not know his name or body; but for those who do not know he is known as an incre... Read More »

Where is Ken Bruce?

Ken is back on Monday...thank goodness , he's been off for afortnight, could either have been on holiday or paternity leave!As the Bruce Clan has increased by one new arrival ; )

What do you think of Dr. Bruce Goldberg?

well, we're not supposed to go messing with astral projection, because it can be dangerous because we have no clue what is out thereconsidering the state of the world and what's going's no... Read More »

Who is Bruce Forsyth?

Bruce Forsyth is the British entertainer and TV personality