What can you buy today that will be worth a lot more in say 100 years time?

Answer the "forever" stamps soon to be issued by the US post office.That and gasoline. There are a number of "gas hoarder" co-ops available to join, but to my knowledge you only get to use the gas you pu... Read More »

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How to Convince a Guy That a Girl Isn't Worth His Time?

Guys are people too. They must come to a decision under their own realizations. The strategy is not to convince, but to support him in his own endeavors in arriving to a reasonable conclusion about... Read More »

Are Crest Whitestrips worth my time?

yeah some people just have naturally worse teeth than others. Crest Whitestrips should be a good choice tho. I used them fore 14 days and my teeth whitened up a lot! (and my teether werent even bad... Read More »

Is getting an education worth the time&money?

On One Hand: People With Degrees Make More MoneyAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, people who have bachelor's degrees earn $1 million more on average in their lifetime than people who have only h... Read More »

How to Decide Whether It's Worth Spending Your Time Doing Something?

At times, certain activities may seem tedious, boring or not worth your time. Make a better decision by following these suggestions: