Is Breakfast and/or lunch required at Preschools?

Answer Hmmm. My boys attended California state preschool and they were served lunch, but not breakfast. The Headstarts serve breakfast/lunch for AM class and lunch/snack for PM.That's strange. All the ... Read More »

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Skip breakfast BIG lunch?

a one off should not really affect you a lot unless you are unfit and more fat than muscle- that's when your body has a harder time burning any excess. also what you eat at those times really make ... Read More »

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

breakfast: crumbled eggs sandwiches coffeelunch: ravioli with porn stir fry vegetables and puddingdinner: chicken curry and rice

What is heathy breakfast,lunch,dinner?

Things like egg whites, chicken breast, red & green peppers, bananas, almonds, spinach, Greek yogurt, whole-grain brown rice, cottage cheese, tuna and onions are some goods foods I can think of whi... Read More »

Can I order off the lunch menu at breakfast at Le Madeleine?

just call them and ask. if you say it's your birthday, they might make a special arrangement for you as well.