Is Borax added to a swimming pool safe for people?

Answer Borax is a safe alternative Borax is perfectly safe in swimming pools. We started using it in our inground pool two years ago and would not use anything else. Not only is it less expensive (a lot ... Read More »

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Is Borax added to a vinyl-lined pool safe for people?

Answer Within reason, yes. According to Michael W. Smith II's BleachCalc program, you should add about 160 oz (weight) of dry borax for each 10,000 gallons. It supposedly helps against algae, alth... Read More »

What is the overall effect on the pool and other people if people continuously urinate in swimming pool?

Answer Ewwww! First, it is gross to just think about it. When you swim, you get water in your mouth, nose, ears, eyes, etc. So there is a psychological effect, the person wouldn't swim knowing ther... Read More »

Why Is Chlorine Added to Drinking Water and Swimming Pool Water?

Chlorine is one of the most abundant of the 92 naturally occurring elements found on our planet. It is highly reactive, so it readily combines with other elements to make a variety of different com... Read More »

What is too cold a pool temperature for safe swimming?

Answer please refer to wiki entries regarding hypothermia and definition of comfort Really just depends on the person. Anything below 22C is too cold for me. The official FINA (world swimming orga... Read More »