Is Boingo Wireless a scam?

Answer Absolutely not! We're here to keep folks connected to Wi-Fi at 500,000+ hotspots around the world. Our many happy customers will tell you how our network helps them stay plugged in and productive o... Read More »

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Why is Verizon Wireless allowed to get away with a scam?

Well, it has sort of been the unwritten policy of the cell industry from day one to push the envelope on billing, um, irregularities, so it would seem that anything they do is fair game until someb... Read More »

Can I use a wireless router to connect a PC (no Wireless Adapter) to a wireless network?

I understand what you are trying to do.Most routers can not be used this way.For some routers (e.g., older LinkSys WRT54G models) you can find third-party alternative firmware (e.g. DDWRT). This a... Read More »

Does a laptop wireless card work the same with a wireless router?

A wireless network connection works the same with a desktop as it does with a laptop wireless card. Wireless cards are built-in or pushed into a slot on the laptop. The signal goes through the air ... Read More »

Do you still need a wireless hub connector for a Compaq laptop that has a built-in wireless 801.11?

On One Hand: Ad-Hoc and Direct ConnectionsIf you want to connect to another nearby computer that also has a wireless adapter, you do not need a hub or router. This is called an "Ad-Hoc Network." Wi... Read More »