Is Bodiphier Hair Relaxer Safe?

Answer BodipHier natural hair relaxer functions to relax, texturize and straighten all types of curly and wavy hair. It is commonly used on African hair types. It promises to straighten hair without causi... Read More »

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Safe Hair Relaxer for Fine Hair?

Chemical relaxers are ideal for effortless hair straightening, however, chemical relaxers encourage breakage, especially for those with fine hair. Phyto Specific relaxers for fine hair is an all na... Read More »

Is it safe to take a muscle relaxer while pregnant?

I suggest you don't just ask anybody this question. Read the information slip that should have come with the package and check with your Dr.What muscle relaxant are you thinkig of?I looked up an ov... Read More »

Is cyclobenzaprine (flexeril) muscle relaxer safe to take after the expiration date?

They will be fine. I take a lot of medications for a spine injury and have had Rx's that I only take once in awhile and as long as they are not over 18 months old the pharmacy told me it was ok.

Best at-Home Hair Relaxer for White Hair?

Choosing the best at-home hair relaxer for white hair is no different than choosing a relaxer for any other type of hair. Hair relaxers are marketed mostly to people of African descent because that... Read More »