Is Bluetooth 2 backward compatible?

Answer The Bluetooth 2.0 is backward compatible with Bluetooth 1.0 through Bluetooth 1.2 devices. But data transfer between these devices will only go as fast as the lowest Bluetooth being used will go.Re... Read More »

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Will blu-ray be backward compatible with DVD?

Is playstation 3 backward-compatible with dvd?

Yes, the PlayStation 3 is backward-compatible with DVDs. The PS3's Blu-ray drive can read CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Some versions of the PS3 are not able to play PlayStation 2 format DVDs, thoug... Read More »

Is DDR memory backward compatible?

DDR SDRAM DIMMs are not backward compatible with the previous standard--SDRAM. Not only are they technically incompatible, but their physical shape prevents them from fitting into previous generat... Read More »

Will any new PlayStation 3 be backward compatible?

No, new PlayStation 3 consoles no longer feature backward compatibility. With the release of the 120 GB and 250 GB units, Sony signaled the end of backward compatibility. Older, out-of-production u... Read More »