Why is blue off of blues clues a girl?

Answer because they wanted her to be? -.-'

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Is Blue in the show 'Blues Clues' a girl or boy?

Blue's True IdentityBlue is a GIRL. The Nick Jr. producers confirmed blue is in fact a girl. They wanted to fight the diversity and the segregation that boys are "supposed" to like blue and girl ar... Read More »

Is Blue in the show Blues Clues a girl or boy?

Yes, Blue is boy "We made him a boy because we wanted the animated character to be the same sex of the live character." ~Blue's Clues Nick Jr WebsiteBlue is a girl. " We made her a girl because we ... Read More »

Why do you say blues clues is a boy and on one of the cranium questions it says blues clues is a girl?

blues clues is a boy because Joe said so in 1 episode i don't remember which 1 but it was in 1 they must be talking about magenta blues best frend now she is a girl you might want to reconsider tha... Read More »

Can blue from blues clues go to the toilet?

Who knows? I've never seen him take a bathroom break during the show.