Why do we roll our eyes back when blink or sleep?

Answer i think its so that our eyes can get cleaned...when we are awake there are so many bacterias and stuff that get on our eyes and it makes them dirty...its kinda like blinkin, but for numerous hours.... Read More »

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How to Be a Blink 182 Fan?

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Why do we blink?

Blinking keeps your eyes from drying up, by recovering them with moisture. The moisture, in the form of tears coats the eye which protects it from dust, etc. In conjunction with this, blinking als... Read More »

How to Blink?

The eye, the part of the body that blinksWhile blinking is an activity that most people perform without difficulty. Normal blinking may be disrupted by medical conditions such as Bell's Palsy [1], ... Read More »

How often do you blink your eyes?

Nope haha! I must blink atleast twice every 10 seconds.