Is Blender (3D software) any good?

Answer Usually that saying is true; but not entirely for open-source free programs (I think Blender is open source). I haven't used it personally, but if you want to get into that stuff, I'd highly recomm... Read More »

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What are some good blender drink recipes?

2 cups frozen berries and 1 carton frozen lemonaide concentrate with the amount of water called for on the lemonaide. I use Club Soda instead of plain water.about 1 cup vanilla ice cream, 1/4 cup m... Read More »

Good milkshakes to make at home with a blender?

milk, plus ice, plus anything.Any fruitsPeanut butteroreoscakeIt can start to get ridiculous

A good free anti virus software. i have infected cookies. the software that i am using just now is rubbish.?

Go with AVG and do not go with avast it is n lot of rubbish got i lot of virus using it and i lost a lot of my pic's and videos

Bar Blender vs Regular Blender?

The bar blender will have a stronger motor and should last much longer than the household blender. None of the small kitchen appliances are good for more than a year or so before they die. This is ... Read More »