Is BitTorrent illegal?

Answer BitTorrent, a program used to share and download files, is not illegal. However, the way you use it can be illegal. For example, using BitTorrent to share files that you do not have the copyrights... Read More »

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What is BitTorrent used for?

BitTorrent uses a set of rules, known as a protocol, in order to transfer large files over the Internet. BitTorrent clients are software programs that use this protocol. These clients connect users... Read More »

How to Use BitTorrent?

Do you want to use a BitTorrent client to download from torrent websites? Torrents are a form of peer-to-peer (p2p) network that instead of using just one server to maintain the download, use the p... Read More »

What is a BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a file-sharing protocol that uses a network of people to transfer files. A user cannot download an entire file unless he is willing to allow other users to upload a portion of the fi... Read More »

Is it illegal to tape a film off the television. my friend says its a copyright issue, which is illegal.?

You can tape it if it's ONLY for your personal use and you neither charge people to see it not try to sell it anywhere ! ! !