Is Bit torrent safe software safe to download?

Answer I downloaded it and my computers fine, be carefull tho it could be dangerous depending on your firewal, download it of a proper site not a informal site that has lots of pop-ups and adverts try to ... Read More »

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Are torrent safe to download am i allowing to copy my data to others by installing torrent?

If you mean torrent software then yes. Your'e not allowing to copy your data unless you share some of it using your torrent software.

Is there any good, free, and safe animation software I can download?

Blender Animation Graphics is free, Not only is it free, It is used by Disney Animation Movie Studios You can download it from here with the tutorials

Is AVG the free download software for protection for your computer.. is it safe and does it do its job?

What is the safe way to use torrent without catching any virus?

I've downloaded like 30 torrents and I havent got a virus yet. Usually I download the ones that have alot of seeds so people leave comments like "works great, etc...." and the uploader will respon... Read More »