Is Birth Control/Condoms A Form Of Abortion?

Answer No, birth control pills, condoms, and all other types of birth control are ways to prevent pregnancy. Abortion is only after a woman is already pregnant.

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Is birth control abortion?

On One Hand: Oral Contraceptives May Prevent Egg ImplantationOral contraceptives, usually referred to as birth control pills, work by suppressing ovulation. In rare cases, however, women on birth c... Read More »

Is abortion more painful or giving birth?

Childbirth is more painful. A medical abortion can hurt since you have cramps but you can also get painkillers so you can stand it and it differs from person to person. A surgical abortion is done ... Read More »

I gave birth to a zebra, shall I use abortion"?

Is their any other way you could abort the birth of your unborn child without actually having an abortion?