Is Benson a Jewish name?

Answer The surname Benson does have Jewish roots. It is a combination of the names Beniamin and Sohn. It is also a derivation of names that are English (Benne) and Scandinavian (Bengtsson and Bendtsen).So... Read More »

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Is uri ran a jewish name?

It is possible. Uri is definitely a Jewish name. Similar to Uriah and Uriel, Uri means "my light" or "my flame." As both a masculine or feminine name, Uri is relatively uncommon. However, Ran i... Read More »

Is the name"Jones"Jewish?

According to the Internet Surname Database, the last name "Jones" is of English medieval orgins. The last name derived from the first name, "John" which comes from the Hebrew "Yochanan," meaning "J... Read More »

Is lazarus a jewish name?

Lazarus is a Jewish name; it is derived from the Jewish name Eleazar. Lazarus is also the name of the person, who was a Jew, whom Jesus resurrected in the New Testament.Source:Drum, W. (1910). Laza... Read More »

Is ruesch a jewish name?

The surname Ruesch is a variation of the German name Rusch. While any name could be adopted by those who are Jewish, Ruesch itself has German and Swiss-German roots. Ruesch is also a nickname from ... Read More »