Is BearShare illegal in the USA?

Answer While BearShare is not illegal to download and use in the United States, some of the files on the network may violate copyright laws and, as a result, may be illegal to download using BearShare or ... Read More »

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Is BearShare illegal?

The current version of BearShare allows free and commercial music to be shared over the Internet. Commercial music must be purchased through the BearShare software before it can be listened to. Bea... Read More »

How to Log on to Bearshare?

BearShare is peer-to-peer media downloading program. There is a version for PC and Mac systems. Users can download limited free music and video files shorter than 15 minutes. There is also a subscr... Read More »

The BearShare Virus?

PC users connect to computer networks to share information and download applications and software. Such activity can render a user's system vulnerable to malware, or malicious software, attacks. T... Read More »

Is bearshare legal?

BearShare returned in 2006 as a legal peer-to-peer and social networking site after paying $30 million in order to steer clear of any copyright infringement lawsuits and has remained legal to this ... Read More »