Is Baquacil safe?

Answer On One Hand: A Safe ProductBaquacil, the brand name for an assortment of chlorine-free pool cleaning solutions, is safe for use. The main ingredient in Baquacil, according to the manufacturer's web... Read More »

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Is chlorine or baquacil better?

We have used Baquacil for the past 15 years in our pool. There have been no real problems BUT it is horrible with Algae!!! I mean horrible! You will spend a ton of money on shock and other products... Read More »

Is Baquacil Ultra discontinued?

Yes, the Baquacil Ultra Swimming Pool Sanitizer & Fungicide has been discontinued, according to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. Founded in 1988 and based in Norwalk, Connecticut, Arch Chemica... Read More »

Do baquacil chemicals expire?

Baquacil test strips do expire. They are used for measuring pool chemicals, pH and alkalinity. They are normally good for around 18 months. Check the label for an exact expiration date on the Baqua... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Pink Algae in a Baquacil Pool?

"Pink algae" is not an algae, but rather a bacteria that causes a pink slimy coating that can attach to both visible and hidden areas of your pool. This slime can hide in the filter, on vacuum head... Read More »