Is BIN primer good to use on concrete floors?

Answer Of all the available finishes for concrete floors, painting is the least durable. And if you decide to paint a concrete floor, you will want to use a sealer plus an epoxy-based paint instead of the... Read More »

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Are concrete floors bad to do aerobics on?

Yes, concrete floors are not recommended for aerobic activity. You should have a floor with cushioning, such as laminate floor or a sports floor which is specific for high impact activities to mini... Read More »

How do I paint concrete floors?

Prepare the concrete floor before painting. First wash the flooring with degreasing solution and let dry for several days, after which you should sand away any rough spots and vacuum up any debris ... Read More »

How do I take care of concrete floors?

Sweep your concrete floors two to three times per week, or as soon as dirt begins to show, to keep them looking great. To remove spills and stubborn dirt stains, mix two or three drops of liquid di... Read More »

How do I refinish concrete floors?

PreparationSweep the floor clean and mop it with plain water. Allow the floor to dry completely. Choose a concrete grinder that is the appropriate size for your floor.GrindingWorking in small areas... Read More »