Is BBC biased?

Answer 1. The BBC because it was the 1st ever channel to be launched so it has to be trustworthy. Although the manager is catholic, the company does not show religious or political views2. The Times. Alth... Read More »

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How to Set up & Maintain a Non-Biased Classroom?

Bias in a classroom creates inequality, negative attitudes between students, lack of safety, and prohibits students learning to their full capacity. Bias can be expressed as body language, words, p... Read More »

Are iq tests culturally biased?

On One Hand: Numbers Don't LieThere are consistent, statistically significant variants between members of different ethnic groups and performance on standard IQ tests. This has been demonstrated in... Read More »

How to Deal With Biased Parents?

Most parents are genuinely concerned with their child's welfare. They almost always have their son or daughter's best interests at heart, even when it seems like the opposite is true. However, pare... Read More »

How to Create an Anti-Biased Classroom?

Teachers can create an anti-biased classroom by assisting students of all cultures in developing their creativity, teaching about empathy, encouraging high self-esteem and building high-level think... Read More »