Is a reliable source?

Answer Kevin, AVERT is an international HIV and AIDS charity, based in the UK, working to avert HIV and AIDS worldwide, through education, treatment and care. Therefore, I do believe that it would fall un... Read More »

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Is wikihow a reliable source?

according to teachers, no. but the information is usually pretty accurate. you might wanna do a follow up search and see if you can find a few other websites to confirm it.

Is Wikipedia a reliable source of information?

Yes and no.The word "reliable" has a particular connotation: that one can simply rely on that source and prima facie (without further evidence) expect it to be true.Wikipedia has a lot of great con... Read More »

Wikipedia, a reliable source. Do you agree?

Wikipedia is somewhat reliable but not all. Contrary to popular belief, all changes are controlled by a few Wikipedia insiders. (Please see MY open question about Wikipedia.)Once someone makes an... Read More »

Why do you use Wickipedia if it's not a reliable source?

Wikipedia (as well as Britannica, and other such sources) is not meant for use when working on school projects or research in high school and especially not appropriate in college, when your really... Read More »