Is Avast anti-virus a scam or legit?

Answer Make sure you only have one antivirus and one firewallWindows Vista does come with a firewall but that is it! No antivirus and no antispyware comes with windows.Avast! is not a scam. The free versi... Read More »

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Which anti virus is best Norotn Anti Virus, McaFee, or Avast!?

I would say none of those. Go with AVG Antivirus. Works great and it's totally free.

What is the best free anti-virus avast,avg,malwarebytes anti-malware or cyberdefender need answer quick?

A V A S T is the way to go. Its free and you can even register 1 full year for free.Just install it and forget all the other anti-virus program. Once it is installed, select BOOT SCAN and let it s... Read More »

The best Anti-Virus other then AVG or Avast?

First, encouraging the use of keygens to get around paying for a product is illegal here on Yahoo Answers, as it is a theft of paid services.I would normally report that answer, but that answerer h... Read More »

What anti-virus is better Avg or avast?

here is some free information for all you AVG free lovers.AVG Free contains basic antivirus protection (base level only). AVG Free does not contain Anti-Rootkit protection so rootkits may be hidden... Read More »