Is Attic Common Element of Condominium and Covered by Associations Insurance?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine the boundary between what is owned by individuals and what is owned in common with all other owners: common areas/ limited common areas. As well, the asso... Read More »

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Is the frame and crawl space a common element of a condominium?

Your governing documents can make this clear. Every condominium's definition of the ownership boundaries is different from every other property's definition. Because of fire codes, if you're refer... Read More »

Is an entry door to a condominium unit considered a common element?

It depends on your condominium governing documents, where you can find a list of assets owned as limited common elements, meaning assets owned in common for the benefit of a single or a single grou... Read More »

If you get pregnant and are covered by your spouse's work insurance would you be covered on the new employer's group insurance if he switched jobs?

Answer Yes, you should be since you were already covered prior to this. Although each state varies with this type of coverage. Even if he has a waiting period before he can enroll, he should get a... Read More »

How many condominium associations are in the USA?

According to Community Associations Institute, the latest number available, for 2009, indicates that there are 60.1 million residents in 24.4 million housing units located in 305 association-govern... Read More »