Are Arabic& Farsi the same language?

Answer Arabic and Farsi belong to different language families. Arabic is a Semitic language, and Farsi is an Indo-European language. Farsi is spoken in Iran and parts of Afghanistan. Arabic is widely spok... Read More »

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Which Arabic writer was known as a dean of Arabic literature?

Taha Hussein (1889- 1973) nicknamed "the dean of Arabic literature"

How to Say "How Are You" in Farsi?

Farsi is the Persian language, spoken in many middle eastern countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. As an Indo-European language, it is ... Read More »

How to Count in Farsi?

This guide provides an easy way to study and get those numbers down pat!

How to Teach Farsi as a Second Language?

Also referred to as Persian, Farsi is a language that is primarily spoken in Iran and Afghanistan. In recent years, the number of people speaking and learning Farsi in other parts of the world is i... Read More »