Is Apple the first company to introduce a store for softwares,like the 'AppStore'?

Answer Apple was the first with a store called the "AppStore",Microsoft had Windows MarketPlace before that, and the Xbox had an online store as well.My Motorola A920 had applications you could buy for it... Read More »

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When did Apple introduce iTunes?

The iTunes application was first offered by Apple at their Macworld conference in San Francisco in 2001. Offered as a free download, it quickly overtook the competition due to its ease of use and p... Read More »

When did Apple introduce the Macintosh computer?

Apple introduced the Macintosh computer to the public with a television commercial during the 1984 Super Bowl game on Jan. 22, 1984. Apple released the Macintosh for sale to the public on Jan. 24, ... Read More »

What year did the company introduce the name Nike?

The brand name "Nike" was created in 1971 by Jeff Johnson, the first full-time employee of Blue Ribbon Sports, a company started by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. Blue Ribbon Sports would later be ... Read More »

Can apple gift cards be used for the apple store app?

Apple gift cards are more widely accepted at green grocers, to purchase apples and bananas. When spent at selected stores noted on the apple site, the face value is increased by 50%. I hope this he... Read More »