The desert light is so bright what is the best way to photograph the desert with a digital camera for the layperson?

Answer Answer Whenever taking a photo try to put the sun directly behind you so that it is lighting up the target. Also your camera may have a setting that will change the exposure time for the picture, l... Read More »

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Is Antarctica a tundra?

Antarctica is mostly covered in ice, but some tundra exists. The Marielandia Antarctica Tundra contains mosses, lichen and algae, the only plants that can grow in Antarctica. The rest of the contin... Read More »

How to Travel to Antarctica?

Petermann IslandTraveling to Antarctica is one of the most exhilarating trips you will ever take. Although it is expensive, it is truly spectacular and it's something that you and your traveling co... Read More »

Are there ATM machines in Antarctica?

There are only two ATM machines in Antarctica, according to The Wells Fargo - Wachovia Blog. The two ATMs, both Wells Fargo machines, are at McMurdo Station. They are the southernmost ATM machines ... Read More »

Do animals live in antarctica?

Several species of animals inhabit Antarctica and the oceans that surround it, including penguins, seals, whales and assorted sea-going birds. Many of these animals live on the continent, such as t... Read More »