Is Antarctica closer to the north or to the south pole?

Answer Antarctica is closer to the south pole; in fact, Antarctica is situated over the geographic south pole, which is located in the center of Antarctica at an altitude of 9,300 feet. It is situated on... Read More »

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Is Antarctica in the South Pole?

No, the South Pole is in Antarctica, the third-smallest continent. It is surrounded by the southern ocean and contains both the true geographic South Pole and the magnetic South Pole. Antarctica is... Read More »

Is the moon closer to the North Pole than to the equator?

The moon is always closer to the equator than it is to either of Earth's poles. The spot on Earth's surface closest to the moon is always within 29 degrees north or south of the equator, because th... Read More »

Is the continent of Africa or Australia closer to the South Pole?

Australia is closer than Africa to the South Pole, which is found at 90 S. The southern tip of Australia's Tasmania falls at approximately 45 S, while the southern tip of South Africa can be found... Read More »

Is the Arctic Circle closer to the equator or the South Pole?

The Arctic Circle is an imaginary line of latitude that circles the globe at about 24 degrees south of the North Pole. It is 66 degrees from the equator and 156 degrees from the South Pole and is, ... Read More »