Is Antarctica a tundra?

Answer Antarctica is mostly covered in ice, but some tundra exists. The Marielandia Antarctica Tundra contains mosses, lichen and algae, the only plants that can grow in Antarctica. The rest of the contin... Read More »

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How to Travel to Antarctica?

Petermann IslandTraveling to Antarctica is one of the most exhilarating trips you will ever take. Although it is expensive, it is truly spectacular and it's something that you and your traveling co... Read More »

What is the latitude of Antarctica?

The latitude of Antarctica is 90 degrees south, and its longitude is zero degrees east. The continent--which contains the South Pole--is the coldest and windiest place on Earth, according to WorldA... Read More »

Where is antarctica on the globe?

The South Pole is located in Antarctica. Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth. On most globes, the south pole and Antarctica would be at the bottom of the globe.Source:Cool Antarctica:... Read More »

How fast is the ice melting in Antarctica?

According to information from NASA’s Grace satellite, the ice sheet covering Antarctica has been melting at a rate of 24 cubic miles per year since 2002. The ice covering the continent of Antarct... Read More »