Is Angie from Full Throttle Saloon pregnant?

Answer No. According to sources close to Angie, she is not pregnant.what was just on F.T.S FaceBookFor those who have missed the earlier post I am reposting: On behalf of Angie, Michael, myself, and the e... Read More »

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Is Angie on full throttle saloon pregnant?

No she isn't. I just seen her in January 2012 and she didn't look pregnant at all. So, If the show showed that she could have been, that was tapped in August 2011, than would be 5 months and she sh... Read More »

How old is Angie on Full Throttle Saloon?

When is angie frm full throttle saloon baby due?

From what I've researched, she has to get pregnant before we'll know a due date...

Has ne1 heard from ANGIE?

Im hereeee..sorry about that ;] Thanks for the baby dust! I truely need it. As for the results..I backed out of taking the test because after peeing in the cup (I had the strip tests) I wiped and h... Read More »