Is Andrographis Paniculata EPA regulated?

Answer Hibiscus, or rosemallow, is a large genus of about 200-220 species of flowering plants in the family Malvaceae (the mallow family, along with members like cocoa, cotton, okra, baobab and durian) na... Read More »

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What Is Phlox Paniculata?

Phlox paniculata includes garden phlox, perennial phlox, summer phlox and fall phlox. This perennial herb is native to eastern North America and grows from Ontario to eastern Texas. It has been wid... Read More »

Why is bottled water regulated by the fda but tap water is regulated by the epa?

The Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the federal agency charged with regulating food, drugs and cosmetics, the authority to regulate bottle water as a ... Read More »

How is bbc regulated or controlled?

How to Put an Internally Regulated Alternator on an Old Car?

All alternators need to have a voltage regulator wired into the circuitry of a car, as the output from an alternator increases as the speed of the engine increases. Once the output reaches a certai... Read More »