Is Anaerobic Bacteria in Soil Dangerous?

Answer Bacteria plays a huge role in the proper functioning of a soil ecosystem. Without bacteria, plants would be unable to absorb any of the nutrients needed for healthy plant growth; they would also be... Read More »

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Definition of Anaerobic and Aerobic Bacteria?

Bacteria are extremely small, single-celled microorganisms that can exist either freely or as a parasite. They are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen under a microscope. Broadly, bacte... Read More »

Definition of Soil Bacteria?

Bacteria are unicellular microscopic organisms. In general, they are 4/100,000 of an inch wide (1 µm) and relatively longer in length. These microbes are found in great abundance in the soil. Acco... Read More »

Depth of Bacteria in Soil?

Without the presence of bacteria, soil would be a static environment incapable of supporting any type of plant life. While some bacteria are found on or near the soil's surface, most are found at a... Read More »

How to Identify Bacteria in Soil?

Soil is full of bacteria. Most bacteria found in soil is harmless or even helpful. For instance, many bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use for nutritional purposes,... Read More »