Is Amtrak privitized?

Answer No. The federal government, which created Amtrak in 1970, still owns a majority of its shares. The President appoints its board of directors, which includes the national transportation secretary. T... Read More »

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Does Amtrak have Wi-Fi?

Amtrak offers Wi-Fi on select trains along the Northeast Corridor as well as in major stations and clubs within this corridor. AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi is available on the Acela Express trains and is c... Read More »

Who is the CEO of Amtrak?

As of March 2010, Joseph Boardman is the president and CEO of Amtrak; he has held this position since November 2008. Before joining Amtrak, Boardman was the administrator at the Federal Railroad A... Read More »

Have you ever been on Amtrak?

Yes, I took the Amtrak "Coast Starlight" from Oakland, CA to Seattle, WA. It was a 22 hour ride and very very nice and the movement of the train was very relaxing. You could move from car to car ... Read More »

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