Is American General finance good?

Answer On One Hand: American General States ValuesAmerican General Financial Services states that their company possesses unmatched values and exceeds customer expectations, according to Am... Read More »

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Who owns American General Finance?

American General Finance is now owned by American International Group, which is commonly known as AIG. American General Finance was bought by American International Group in 2001 and provides loans... Read More »

What is the American Consulate General?

There are hundreds of U.S. consulate generals around the world. The world "consul" means representative, so a consulate is the office of the representative. A U.S. consulate is the office of a U.S.... Read More »

Who was the american general at the battle of yorktown?

The battle of Yorktown, fought in October 1781, was the final battle of the American Revolutionary War. The general who led the American forces was George Washington, who later became first preside... Read More »

Who was the American general at the Battle of Oriskany?

On Aug. 4, 1777, when the Battle of Oriskany broke out, a militia man named Nicholas Herikmer was the American general who would lead the American soldiers into battle against the invading British.... Read More »