Is Aloe Vera supposed to burn Help please!.?

Answer Depending how bad the burn is. It Can burn for a little while, but then it will soothe afterwords..

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Aloe Vera Help Please!!!!!?

Hi there:DLol I love Aloe Vera and use it often!As long as there is no bleeding and that even means a bit of weeping, then yes you can use it. It should take about a day to heal and that includes ... Read More »

Does aloe vera help cure pimples?

No, if it did, there wouldn't be so many people that have acne,black heads and pimples on their face. Aloe Vera is better used for when you burn yourself. If your skin gets burned from the sun, the... Read More »

Does Aloe Vera help take away Acne?

yes it does but it can also cause allergic reaction on few people. i use it (not like cream but gel from leaves) and it certainly works for me.

Can i eat aloe vera gel?

On One Hand: Internal UsesAloe vera is used internally to treat a variety of disorders, ranging from indigestion to constipation. It also has strong anti-oxidant properties, and can contribute to ... Read More »