Is Adderall as dangerous as coffee?

Answer On One Hand: Adderall is Much More DangerousSuperficially, coffee and Adderall have similar stimulative effects, such as irritability, nervousness and elevated heart rate. However, Adderall, as an ... Read More »

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How much Adderall is dangerous?

Any amount of Adderall above what your physician prescribes specifically for you, is dangerous. The typical prescribed amount is between 5 and 60mg per day, broken up into several doses through the... Read More »

What are side effects of mixing prozac, oxymorphone and adderall is it dangerous?

First: if you have bipolar you shouldn't take prozac and these meds sound like bipolar pills second: there aren't any due to meds combos just the meds themselves so make sure your DOC. has it right

Is moldy coffee dangerous?

I think if you wash it really well it should be ok. Vingear is a natural mould killer so you could clean it then wash it again in a vinegar/ water mix and then re wash again in dish detergent. I wo... Read More »

How much coffee is dangerous for someone with a heart condition?

It's hard to say because some people tolerate caffeine better than others. If your doctor specifically told you to stay away from caffeine you should heed his advice. Especially someone with a card... Read More »