Is Sprint or Verizon better?

Answer Take it from me Sprint is better. I have had both services. Currently I have a contract with Verizon. With Verizon I have a lot of dropped calls. Especially in my basement. Their phone plans are wa... Read More »

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Which is better Verizon or Sprint?

Is iDEN better than Sprint?

On One Hand: About iDENiDen stands for Integrated Digital or Dispatch Enhanced Network, which is a digital wireless standard designed by Motorola to work on analog Specialized Mobile Radio networks... Read More »

Are sprint tvs better than other tvs?

Although Sprint claims to have better TVs than other company's in their advertising, it is not a fact. The method at which the image on your screen is all that a service provider can provide.

Which is better, Sprint or T-Mobile?

I have Sprint and I love it. I got a huge discount through work. See what kind of deals they have.The nice thing about sprint is that you can get free nights and weekends, T-Mobile is really good... Read More »