Is AMD APU Dual Core a good processor?

Answer It depends on how you define good and what your needs are. If web-browsing and watching HD video are what you're doing most, then yes.

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Is a 2Ghz dual core processor good?

It really depends on what kind of processor. A Celeron Dual-Core is pretty horrible no matter what GHz it is.Go with at least Pentium Dual-Core:…

Is A Processor Such as the AMD Athlon II X2 250 Dual-Core CPU still good for gaming?

Yeah it can, but you would probably have to lower the resolution, thus taking away from the full gaming experience. Plus your other components will have a hand in your performance, such as your ra... Read More »

Witch is better AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor or AMD Dual-Core E-300 processor?

Phenom x3 8750 is without question a more powerful CPU than a e-300. To the person who answered cause it has one more core, you are not comparing processors correctly if you are only looking at co... Read More »

Will a game requiring a 2.0 ghz processor work with a dual core 1.4 ghz processor?

When it comes to CPU... yes, a 2.0 will work even on a single core 1.4, just slower.Mind you, "by the book" your dual-core is 1,200mhz (1.2ghz) which is "accelerated" to 1,400mhz. This makes it r... Read More »