Is AIDS more transmittable than HIV?

Answer The HIV virus causes AIDS, and AIDS is the last of the several stages of HIV infection. People can be infected with and transmit the HIV virus for up to ten years before showing symptoms of AIDS. C... Read More »

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Is HIV more transmittable in youth?

On One Hand: Youth More Sexually ActiveSexual intercourse positively correlates with transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus, Jacquelyn G. Black, Ph.D., notes in her book "Microbiology." F... Read More »

Is March Madness easily transmittable Like by saliva..?

I dunno, but I have been trying to make out with my female friends to see if I can transmit March Madness. Even if that doesn't work, I still will have made out with some good looking girls..

If a mosquito sucks blood from a person that has AIDS and then bites someone else, would you get AIDS.....?

Yes, unfortunately... They don't want to scare the public with that information but definitely yes...However they usually stay very close to their source of water they were born in, and live a shor... Read More »

Is AIDS likely to be spread if an injection needle is reused after being used on aperson with AIDS?