Is AIDS communicable or non-communicable?

Answer A communicable disease is any disease or illness that can be transmitted from contact with a person or thing carrying that pathogen, bacteria or virus. AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome,... Read More »

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Is influenza communicable?

Yes. See related questions below for all the ways the flu spreads. It is often passed along by respiratory droplets that contain the virus particles that are expelled by someone when they sneeze or... Read More »

Is ringworm a communicable disease?

Yes. Ringworm is communicable. it can easily be transmitted usually by skin to skin contact. People can get a ringworm infection from touching a pet or infected people or indirectly by contact with... Read More »

List of all non communicable diseases?

This can be found in a textbook on Pathology.

Is shingles a communicable disease?

Technically yes, but only through direct contact with the wounds, blisters or rashes of the person having the shingles disease.A healthy person cannot get shingles if informal contact is made with ... Read More »