Is 99.6 a high temperature for a three year old?

Answer I would recommend that you try and find the cause of the eczema. Many doctors will tell you there isn't a cause, that is what they told us. However, we did not believe that to be true.After trying ... Read More »

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Could leukemia cause a continual high temperature in an 8 year old boy?

Yes leukemia can cause fever. It also predisposes the patient to infections which can also cause fever.

My 5 year old is experiencing sharp pains in her left shoulder and to the left side of her torso below the ribs She is also running a high temperature What could be causing this?

When you have AIDS, is your temperature high or low?

On One Hand: Temperature Increases With AIDSNurses report that AIDS patients often have higher than normal temperatures when admitted to the hospital regardless of admitting diagnosis, but often do... Read More »

How High Should a Child's Temperature Go?

A bar graph, also called a column chart, bar chart or multiple column chart, is a chart in which data is visually represented by vertical or horizontal bars. It is used to show comparisons between ... Read More »