Is 99 pounds too skinny for a 14 year old?

Answer Yeah, just a tiny bit disgusting.

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I am 5"2 and 108 pounds... Am I too skinny?

i'm about 5 feet and a half i'm 100 pounds and i asked the exact same question..but i tried to figure out my bmi (you can search it on yahoo) and a healthy range is anywhere from 18 to 25 percent a... Read More »

I am 5'4 and weigh around 90 pounds am i way to skinny.?

No way! It all depends on your build. I'm 5' 6" and weigh about 110. I know someone prolly 6' and I don't think she's more than 100 lbs. On the other hand, I know people 5' 6" that are 160ish a... Read More »

Am I too skinny I am 82 pounds, 5"4, 14, and a girl.?

yes. you are underweight.Edit:Your BMI is 14.073. For a 14 y/o it is supposed to be between 15.8 and 23.3

Is weighing 93 pounds at 5'4'' too skinny?

Answer YES!!! Well it is kinda skinny, but i think ur fine. I'm 13 years old,and im 4'10 except im 62.5 pounds, is tht to little?? i know someone like that. you are, lady _______________________... Read More »