Is 97.8 a fever for a 1 month baby?

Answer Yes.

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If baby is 12 month old and has 100.4 fever what should you do?

Give the child fever reducer up to three times then take them to the doctor if it doesnt subside.

What do you do if a 6 month baby has a fever of 103.5?

When I was a child my mother used Zinc Ointment. But my first suggestion would be to take the child to a skin Dr. Hope this helps.Use emollients every day. Do not hesitate to apply topical steroids... Read More »

Is 99.1 is fever for a 6 month old baby?

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What if my 5 month old baby has had fever and cough for 3 weeks now?

Seek medical attention immediately! Could be a sign of an infection or some more serious condition that could be very dangerous to an infants health if not treated quickly.