Is 8gb good for gaming or is 12gb better?

Answer For 99.9% of people, 8 GB is plenty. If you aren't using more than 85% of the RAM then any more is pointless.For most gamers, 4 GB is fine atm (this will probably change in a year or so)

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Which of these motherboards is better for gaming (are they good for gaming at all)?

The mothernoard does not impact performance very much. I read it changes performance by less than 2% as long as they are the same.The main thing you need to look at is features. for example if they... Read More »

For pc gaming, are home theater speakers better than speakers meant for gaming?

theater speakers r better thats y ppl go to moviesDUH!

Is 12GB a lot...........?

I use between 7 and 9 Gbs a month and I don't stream or do masses of downloading.However if you are going to use it for 3 or 4 hours a day for general surfing and emails then you ahould be alright.... Read More »

Is this PC good for gaming I know it has good specs but it is $470 bucks?

The CPU is OK, but that is a terrible graphics card. It will not be good for gaming at all - and with a paltry 300 watt PSU your options are very limited.Upgrade the PSU to a good quality 550-650 ... Read More »