Life science based technology in healthcare?

Answer By combining advanced technology with pharmaceutical improvements, researchers believe they can make the diagnosis process even better.

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Which gangster's life was the movie"Scarface"based on?

The 1932 movie "Scarface" is based on the life of Al Capone. The film is directed by Howard Hawkes and Richard Rosson and stars Paul Muni as Antonio "Tony" Carmonte.References:IMDb: "Scarface (1932... Read More »

What is a TV show based on life in England after an epidemic?

No Frankie never ever was in the wizards of oz and Max Russo was portrayed By Jake T. Austin

Do you use technology-based social networking, and if so, how you think it has changed your life?

A little. Helps to stay in touch with people we would have lost touch with in the past. Also helps to find friends from our past. We are more connected through programs like linked in, facebook, t... Read More »

How to Lead a Fulfilling Life Based on Words Ending in "Ty"?

There are some very important and significant words which end in 'ty'. Many of these words impact your lifestyle for better or worse, so here is a fun and unusual way of looking at living a fulfill... Read More »