Is 70c a safe temperature for CPU and motherboard?

Answer Let's see....water boils at 100c, it is not a safe range. You are getting up there!If this is a desktop pc you should add at least another fan to the chassis!Check to make sure that the fan... Read More »

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Good motherboard temperature monitor?

ASUS makes a piece of software called PC Probe II. It should allow you to view all of the temps. Go here and select your OS version to download (it's listed under Utilities):http://support.asus.c... Read More »

Is 45 degree a normal motherboard temperature?

Yes, it is perfectly normal. Infact, if you doubt this, there are various windows gadgets and utility softwares which you can install so that if a temperature proves to be dangerous, you will be pr... Read More »

What is a safe temperature for a cpu?

Safe CPU (Central Processing Unit or processor) operating temperatures typically range between 158 degrees Fahrenheit to 194 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of processor. Each CPU is desi... Read More »

What is a safe oil temperature?

Car engine oil temperatures should be kept within the range of 180° to 210°F. Oil temperature over 240°F will result in oxidation and encourage the formation of deposits. High oil temperature w... Read More »