Is 7 months to early to give birth?

Answer no.

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Can you give birth at 6 months?

yes, I would know! I was a child born at approximately 6 months and a week. However, It does not come without severe health issues to the baby. I had a grade three bleed in my brain and a PDA ( a h... Read More »

Can you give birth at 7 months?

Why a woman give birth after only six months?

Answer premature labor or else she wasn't really six months pregnant most time if there is a problem with the baby she can go into premature labor or if she has some type of illness that can bring ... Read More »

Does it take exactly nine months for a woman to give birth after she's gotten pregnant?

No. The pregnancy calendar is crazy!! A woman is actually two weeks pregnant when she actually has sex to conceive. So by the time she finds out she is pregnant (2 weeks later) she is actually four... Read More »