Is 5GB enough for a normal use on a laptop for broadband access using a USB Card?

Answer I was wondering this same thing, so I asked the Customer Service lady at AT&T on Friday July 11th (when I got my iPhone 3G) how far the 5GB would go. She told me that unless you leave it running al... Read More »

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How to convert my broadband to wifi so that I can access internet on both my pc and laptop?

you simply have to get a router from market netgear and belkin are perfect co. You can buy them online and then simply connect the router to your broadband modem the set up is quite simple and easy... Read More »

How to Access the Internet for Laptops Using a Mobile Broadband Card?

Most wireless cell phone companies provide mobile broadband cards. These cards slide into the PCI express card slot on a laptop and, for a monthly fee, connect the laptop to the service's wireless ... Read More »

How do i get wireless internet connection for a laptop if i have a normal wired broadband at home?

what you need to do is have a talk to your isp(internet service provider) and explain your set up at home and they should be able to recommend a wireless package aol are doing a wireless... Read More »

Why do i need a broadband card if my laptop has a wireless adapter?

Broadband cards give you the freedom to access the Internet from virtually anywhere that your cell phone provider has service. This does not limit you to places that have Wi-Fi connections.Function... Read More »