Is 5'3.5" too short for a girl?

Answer Are you kidding me? I am 5'0".You are my dream height. Be satisfied.First of all, how old are you? You might grow. I don't know of any trick methods to grow taller except to eat right and practice ... Read More »

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Is 5 3" to short for a girl?

You're just slightly shorter than average, but 5'3" is a wonderful height for a woman. Petite women are sexier, so don't worry about it. As you get older, you'll turn plenty of heads.- Cai

Is 5'3 short for a girl?

Not really, and not much you can do about it. How tall are your parents? Usually children are somewhere in between their parent's heights.My wife stopped growing at 5'-1" (yes minus 1) It's more fu... Read More »

Is 5'5 short for a 12-year-old girl?

To answer your question i need some more information, i.e, 1) How much you weighing2) How much you measure at waist and abdomen3)Do you wear heelsAfter having all these information , it will be smo... Read More »

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