Is 512MB of ram too much for a 40GB hd?

Answer Theres no such thing as too much RAM. Theres only maximum RAM acceptance. Check if your computer brand can hold that much memory, but normally computers can hold up to 2 gig of RAM these days.The m... Read More »

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Hey guys please help me to chose a best hard drive! Maxtor 40GB OR Seagate 40GB?

it shoudl not matter check the buffer on the drive 8mb and above and the speed of the driveget the 7200 rpmdont get the 5400rpman ultra ata drive is goodtry to get a higher capacity it shoudl cost ... Read More »

Will 1gb+512mb ram make a noticable change on speed compared to 256mb+512mb ram?

You should see a considerable difference in performance.

How much is a 40GB PS3?

The price of a brand-new 40GB PS3 console is $360. Some authorized PS3 dealers price it anywhere from $199 to $360. Bundled packages can cost $250, $350, $400 and more depending on the included acc... Read More »

Does the 40gb PS3 have blue ray in it?