Is 5.0 good windows experience base score?

Answer It's better to compare with other benchmarks online than use the windows score. Mines is 5.4 and my computer was from 4 years ago.Use a common game thats used for benchmarking and test your FPS usi... Read More »

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Why is windows7 better than windows XP according to your experience?

Windows seven is as light as XP and as beautiful as Vista.

52 RCA rear projection TV model HD52W59 where the base is attached to the unit- Is it possible to remove the base so I can put it on your own base with shelves?

No you can't remove the base. Most of the electronics are located in the base.

How to Maximize Your Windows Vista Experience?

This is an example of a custom Vista platformYou have installed Windows Vista or Windows Vista Upgrade. Now What? These simple steps will help you customize your computer

How to Speed Up My RAM Vista Windows Experience?

When you find your programs running slow, you may need more random access memory, or RAM, to speed them up. RAM acts like your brain's short-term memory, storing the most recent information of inst... Read More »