Is 5 minutes enough time for someone to do his running daily exercise ?

Answer As fast as "he" is, 5 minutes is more than plenty......he really doesn't play well does♥

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Is 30 minutes brisk walking on the sand every day enough exercise?

Depends 1 hr is much better .. xxx then u can make to to a guy after that ha xxxx

Is running 3.7 miles in 25 minutes a good time?

show offjust kidding, that's amazing. you fit bastard.

Is 20 mins of exercise a day enough?

20-minutes a day is definitely enough provided you:1) Always make the workout as tough as you can2) Complete your 20-minutes 5 days a week. You need a couple of days a week rest to optimise result... Read More »

Is a mile walk a day enough exercise?

It depends on your diet and physical needs.If you need to lose weight here is a natural plan that may help: