Is 5 minutes enough time for someone to do his running daily exercise ?

Answer As fast as "he" is, 5 minutes is more than plenty......he really doesn't play well does♥

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Is running 3.7 miles in 25 minutes a good time?

show offjust kidding, that's amazing. you fit bastard.

How many calories is 30 minutes on an exercise bike?

The calories burned in 30 minutes on an exercise bike varies, depending on factors such as your weight and your efforts on the machine. For instance, a 150-pound woman can burn between 130 and 330... Read More »

Is 30 minutes brisk walking on the sand every day enough exercise?

Depends 1 hr is much better .. xxx then u can make to to a guy after that ha xxxx

How many calories would I have burned by running for 50 minutes?

If you are running at a moderate pace of 6MPH for 50 minutes then you would be burning around 550 calories. If you are only jogging then that would be around 400 calories. As far as the hula hoopin... Read More »