Is 5% hydrogen in 95% nitrogen a flammable gas?

Answer The flammability of dilute gases is described by their lower flammable limit (LFL), which represents the minimum composition of a gas, expressed as percent by volume, that will support combustion i... Read More »

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Is nitrogen gas flammable?

Nitrogen gas (also written as N2) makes up more than 70 percent of the air we breathe every day. It is not a flammable substance in its pure state. However, nitrogen gas can form compounds with oth... Read More »

Why is hydrogen flammable?

Hydrogen has potential applications as a fuel source. Even today, it finds use in automobile fuel cells as a catalyst. Hydrogen's use as an energy source stems from its high flammability. Hydrogen ... Read More »

Is hydrogen a flammable gas?

Yes, you can ignite hydrogen gas, according to Energy Independence Now. While hydrogen can burn in a much wider concentration of oxygen (4 to 75 percent) than gasoline, it also has benefits, such a... Read More »

Is hydrogen gas flammable?

Hydrogen gas is highly flammable and easily reacts with oxygen and other substances. The flammability of hydrogen was spectacularly demonstrated in 1937 when the hydrogen gas aboard the German airs... Read More »